Feet clean

While brushing out the algae from the sides of the fish pond, one tiny little gold fish jumped out. It flipped uneasily like an insect; Very small. Jumped out of the tank and smothered it under her foot. On the cemented ground, there it was over.But that was when all really it began. . A... Continue Reading →

Following purple music

Rusted yellow gate, never to be opened A canal runs dry; you walk along the side, Dry grass powders under your nervous faltering. Net like lies across the dried up clayey ground, shedding of a long reptilian life form You scream, try to run away. The abandoned town haunted itself more and more. You think... Continue Reading →

That white door

The six year old was cautioned not to go anywhere near her grandpa, at least for a week's time. She did not understand why, but was only told that he was a little sick. She had been waiting for more than a week now, jumping around in the house impatiently, pestering her mama, asking her... Continue Reading →

By her side

The evening crowd in the metro station was gathering at an uncontrollable pace. She did manage to get inside the train, taking her homeward after a tiring day at the office. Now standing amidst a miscellaneous crowd, holding on to the steel bar she felt the strain in her palm strangely comforting. Her palm turned... Continue Reading →


Raghu pedalled as fast as he could although the climb up the rough path was not easy. It had been raining, and waiting for it to stop made him late. He had to be careful, not to spill the little gruel he was carrying in the huge steel container, which was pinned to the back... Continue Reading →

The companion who left

Sitting in the light of a candle, Jhanvi wondered how her life was going to be in the new school. There was a power cut, and she kept flapping the magazine to ward off the mosquitoes and to get some relief from the heat. Her dad had got transferred to Hyderabad and she was waiting... Continue Reading →

Mid summer rain

Sitting restlessly in the awfully dull blue seat of The Sabari Express, Ved kept checking his watch. It was well past five thirty. Another nineteen hours to reach Palakkad, he made a quick mental calculation.  The summer heat which had warmed up the compartment was slowly receding now and he felt better. The family on... Continue Reading →

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