Train of thoughts

Running in the same circle doesn’t put you at the risk of derailing. And that precisely is the bigger risk. Once in a while, you might need to change tracks.
You have started to ponder a lot on the saying, ‘rejection is redirection’. For the past few months you have been waiting, waiting and then waiting a little more. The train has come to a halt and it has started to pick rust.
All of a sudden, it is jolting awake and then quickly pacing up the tracks. You run across the length of the train, in the opposite direction of its movement. Galloping from one coach to another coach; each one seems to have an alluring seat to offer, but you are very well aware that they are temporary. The train is changing tracks ever so often, rattling your brain in the process.
From one side of windows, you see the people guarding you, waving at you, giving you the green signal to keep going despite the shaky journey. The other side offers sunsets and sunrises, a visual treat to soothe your mind in the journey. It cannot be all that bad, eh?
Your hands are soiled with grit, there is ringing inside your ears. But you will be fine. It will end.
Now the train is crossing a river. The waters below are gushing and muddy from the incessant rains since last night. You gaze at the swirling waters, unaware of the stronger undercurrents…

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