Word revival

They handcuffed the word Yester night, with the charge of being archaic.

It is sin, to leave such a word of beauty, to rot in the past.

I shall bail the word out, for yester night makes all the sense in the world. I can hear the word melt in my mouth.

Yester night, I dreamed a dream of being asleep, in full submission.

It was yester night, that she told me of the hopes that she carried; in the drowse of a sweet night.

Yester night, the wind carried a hoot; a distant one from a lone bird.

Yester night allows. Anger pushes through into silent tears. Into muffles and heavy breathing and stiff jaws and gritted teeth.

I suddenly found myself remembering people yester night; people whom I should always remember and I am guilty of yester night.

It is full of charm. I cannot wait to tell my friends about the yester nights to come.

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